The Beach


Blue Bay Private Beach is located two minutes walk from Villa Azure

About 8.5 miles Northwest of Willemstad sits Blauwbaai (Blue Bay), one of Curaçao’s most beloved beaches. Just offshore is an impressive coral reef, lauded by scuba divers and snorkellers for its easy accessibility. Swim five minutes from the beach and you will start to see multicoloured coral and tropical fish. Another ten minutes out and you’ll encounter a coral density of 100 percent—meaning the coral covers the entire ocean floor—plus sponges and sea fans galore.

Recent travellers praise Blauwbaai for its natural beauty, both on the sand and below the waves. In a few words, Blue Bay beach is a fantastically beautiful place to put your feet in the sand, snorkel a bit, watch the lizards show their turquoise colour and just relax while enjoying the amenities available, such as free WiFi,  while sipping a cold drink or tasting one of the local delicacies served at your sun lounger, by the friendly staff from the Azzuro Beach Bar & Restaurant.

View of the Beach Palm at Blue Bay Beach

View of the Beach Palm at Blue Bay Beach