Packing for an Island Getaway

Originally posted on Abroad & Local

It’s the day my family and I leave for Curaçao and I have never felt more unprepared for a vacation (my return flight isn’t even set!). I have clothes piled on top of my bed, a to-do list a mile-long, and I feel my head is spinning a mile an hour. For some reason, I had the crazy idea that vacations become less stressful as you get older. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

So, instead of packing (and making my life less stressful), I put together a little list of necessary island must-haves.

Blog Picture1. Rebecca Minkoff Canvas Tote.  This is probably the most useful, free gift I’ve ever received! It came with a purchase I made at Nordstrom a few years ago and it’s extremely versatile! I used it for school and now it’s my beach bag for this trip! Although it doesn’t have any pockets, it’s perfect to throw my beach supplies in!

2. Zero to One by Peter Thiel. My boyfriend, Andre, has me hooked on this book. It’s written by Peter Thiel, the well-known Silicon Valley venture-capitalist. It’s his philosophy on business and offers just a great perspective on life in general. I’m halfway in, but I’m sure I’ll finish it in between my margaritas :).

3. J. Crew Beach Tunic. This is super comfortable and I bought it just for this trip! I get a little self-conscious as I walk through hotel lobbies in bathing suits, so I love covering up before I hit the beach. Classic and light for island weather!

4. Ray Bans. The perfect aviators. Need I say more?

5. Fedora. I have half my suitcase full of hats. I am so glad that hats are “in” because they are the perfect way to hide my dirty, beach-waved hair! I have a classic “Panama”-style fedora and two “Kentucky Derby”-ready floppy hats packed up!

6. “Son of a Beach” beach towel. This is pretty self-explanatory. How great is this pun? Btw, it is sold out! Hopefully, Topshop will decide to return it to stores!

7. Clarity Rx Facial Sunscreen. Being naturally dark, I never saw the use of sunscreen until my aesthetician yelled at me for premature wrinkles (I may have cried!). The entire Clarity Rx skin line saved my skin, so I swear by almost all their products. I particularly love their sunscreen, because you need a dab and it’ll last you the entire day!

8. Rebecca Minkoff Flip-flips. Okay, so I may have a Rebecca Minkoff obsession.  I saw these at Nordstrom the other day and had to have them. They’re light and comfortable and perfect for a casual or more formal occasion.

What should I have included in my luggage?! Feel free to comment on your own must-haves and name your favorites!


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